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Who are we?

Who are we?

Hi everybody! My name is Karina and my husband is dale. We live in sunny Southern California.
I learned how to sew in such a young age, my mom taught me all i know about sewing because i always wanted a new outfit for my barbie dolls.
She went to vocational school right after high school where she learned culinary arts and sewing, she has to model her own clothing designs as well! I am so proud of her.
Growing up in Indonesia, we did
not have a lot, I remember going with my mom, door to door, offering facials, selling pots and pans, cosmetics, anything that she can do to make ends meet. She worked and sacrifice a lot to raise 4 kids.
I opened my first business during my high school year, its a mechanic shop for motorcycle 🏍. I still remember how excited i was when i sold the first item, its a pair of tire valve 😅. I told myself that this is what i want to do in my life, be an entrepreneur.
I got my dual degree in accounting and computer programming in 2004, and decided to pursue more education in the USA and got accepted at University of Berkeley extension Marketing program.
Fast forward to February 2008, I started working at 7-Eleven store with 76 gas station and Automatic carwash which own by a family member that i never met before. They promoted me to be a manager in 2010. I met my husband while working there, he was the carwash technician. July 2021 will be our 11 year anniversary ❤
I finally started sewing again back in 2017, when i started a dog treats and apparel company. Pet industry is very saturated that I decided not to pursue it any longer. Like almost everyone who knows how to sew, I started making masks to sell and donate when the pandemic starts. While looking for different types of mask tutorials, i found jessica oklaroots! she is such a great teacher and her video tutorials are so awesome and easy to follow. So I started following her tutorials and I began making bags. In my journey of outsourcing materials and specially hardware, I noticed that I have to shop from 4 to 5 different location just for 1 project and it gets very frustrating sometimes. After doing a lot of research, i took a plunge and open up our online shop and Facebook Group Bag Making Supplies by Indo Love Kreation. The support and love is beyond my expectations and I really enjoy being in such a tight knit community who constantly support each other.
In February 15th, 2021 I decided to step down as an acting manager at my family own 7-eleven store and take on a consultant role so I can pursue ILK shop full time.
My husband supports me 100%, he runs our shipping department. I am so grateful to be able to work along side him and doing what I love.
I can't predict what the future has in store for us. All we can do is just put our heart and soul in this business and keep on pursuing our dream to be the most complete one stop shop for bag makers community.
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